Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Red Sox - Pitching Depth

While the offseason didn't start the way many in Red Sox Nation would have liked to see things have begun to pick up over the past couple of days as the Red Sox have argueably the best Starting Pitch depth in Major League Baseball.

Their pitching depth as it currently stands:

1. Josh Beckett
2. John Lester
3. John Lackey
4. Daisuke Matsuzaka
5. Clay Bucholz
6. Tim Wakefield

Additional depth can be considering in terms of FA acquisitions, and prospects:

7. Michael Bowden
8. Junichi Tazawa
9. Boof Bonser
10. Adam Mills
11. Casey Kelly
12. Felix Doubront
13. Stolmy Pimentel
14. Brock Huntzinger
15. Stephen Fife

Casey Kelly is considered their top prospect, while Bowden, Tazawa and Bonser all have MLB experience. Adam Mills should again be part of the AAA rotation in Pawtucket.

The depth the Red Sox have built could allow them to continue to dangle Clay Bucholz in future trade discussions.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baseball at Your Finger Tips

I am 28 years old, born as a member of Red Sox Nation but have since transplanted to the Midwest. I am presently an Assistant High School Baseball Coach for Brebeuf Jesuit Prep in Indianapolis, IN and also serve as an Assistant Coach for the Lafayette White Sox, an 18u travel team out of Lafayette, IN.

In the short time I have had the honor to serve as an Assistant Coach under some great baseball minds, I have seen 6 individuals since sign commitments to play D1 Baseball at (Ball State, Butler, Wright State, Xavier, Valparaiso) respectively. That has been a very humbling experience, and an experience that only provides me with greater energy to continue to pursue a career in professional baseball.
As the annual Baseball Winter Meetings are underway here in Indianapolis the first bit of exciting news was Rafael Soriano accepting arbitration from the Atlanta Braves in a move that came across as a surprise to many people. The move further enhances the backend of the Braves bullpen giving them 3 closers on the roster (after the free agent signings of Wagner & Saito). The activity of the winter meetings has since picked up including:

• The BBWW awarded Bill Madden of the Daily News in New York with the Spink Award and he will be inducted in the writer’s wing at the Hall of Fame.

• Chone Figgins signs with the Seattle Mariners; 4years @ $36 million

• 3 Team Trade between Arizona Diamondback, Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees
o New York Yankees acquire Curtis Granderson
o Arizona Diamondbacks acquire Edwin Jackson & Ian Kennedy
o Detroit Tigers acquire Max Scherzer, Austin Jackson, Phi Coke and Daniel Schlereth

Yet the biggest news of the Winter Meetings has come from none other than Peter Gammons. Gammons will be leaving ESPN after the Winter Meetings and will be joining forces with both the MLB Network and NESN.

The Monday of the Winter Meetings began with the annual job fair. To date more than 330 jobs have been posted at the Job Fair ranging from Internships, to entry level positions to the posting of a GM position in Australia. Monday also served as the day Sports Management World Wide held their Baseball Career Conference. The career conference offered networking opportunities and a discussion panel that included a wide array of top names involved in the baseball industry.

The panel of speakers included:
• Ned Colletti - Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager
• Will Carroll – Baseball Prospectus
• Maury Brown – Biz of Baseball
• John Manual - Baseball America; Editor in Chief
• Jeff Idelson – President of National Baseball Hall of Fame
• Manny Colon – Florida Marlins; Manager of Player Development & International Scouting
• Chaim Bloom – Tampa Bay Rays; Assistant Director of Minor League Operations
• Ronnie Richardson – Atlanta Braves; Assistant Director of Player Development
• Jonathan Story – former scout
• Jerry Crasnick – ESPN
• Oscar Suarez – MLB Agent
• And many more

The Winter Meetings will always remain as the center of the baseball universe, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and his staff at Sports Management Worldwide put together a fabulous conference that provided job seekers and students ample networking opportunities.

While the chance to speak with others aspiring to work in baseball is fun, the Winter Meetings has served as a tremendous opportunity. I was able to have a ½ hour discussion with Ari Kaplan of AriBall about baseball and the scouting involved in today’s game and also had the opportunity to meet with former New York Mets General Manager – Jim Duquette who is very excited about his opportunity to work with pitching guru Rick Peterson of 3P Sports.

Two days are remain before the Winter Meetings conclude, the Job Fair and the Trade Show will conclude tomorrow at 5 pm but the place to be will continue to be the Marriott for more ground breaking news. With the cold, snowy and rainy weather here in Indianapolis we can be sure that many are already looking forward to the sunshine of Orlando come next December!

Friday, December 4, 2009

NCAA - Division 1 Baseball

As winter workouts have started this past week for the high school I am coaching at... I thought it was interesting to note that of last year's team that went 23-8 before losing in the State Semi Finals we had 2 players whom are now part of D1 programs at Butler & Wright State.

I coached an individual this summer who is now playing baseball at Valpo and of the high school team this year we have had seniors committ to Ball State and Xavier thus far.

It is exciting to not only see the success the program has had but inparticular seeing that success translate into scholarships for baseball has been very gratifying as a coach.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I am a free agent as well

The start of free agency is here! Now many of us MLB fans will be tuning into coverage on ESPN, MLB Network, Sports Illustrated, Twitter, etc to here the latest rumors of where respective free agents will land. But this isn't the free agency period I am talking about.

This post is about me! I am a free agent and I am actively looking for work during these winter months. With that, let me tell you some information about myself!

*Orginally from Southeastern, Massachusetts

*28 Years Old

*Bachelor's in Sports Management from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI

*Certificate in Baseball GM & Scouting from Sports Management Worldwide

*Will be completing my Master's Degree in Sports Leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, MA this winter

*Assistant Baseball Coach for Brebeuf Jesuit Prep in Indianapolis, IN. We have a great high school program and if you would like more information I would be more than happy to discuss with you. The team finished 23-8 last season before losing in the State Semi-Finals.

*Also served as an Assistant Baseball Coach for the Lafayette White Sox this past summer, a summer travel team of high school players.

*Previous Manager of a Fitness Center; both at the university level and in non profit

*Recently volunteered with Maury Brown of Business of Sports Network (helping transcribe interviews)

*I will be in attendance at the MLB Winter Meetings and the SMWW Baseball Conference come December

Thursday, November 12, 2009


When talking about baseball I am still just like a little kid even though next week I will be turning 28. Last spring and summer, I had my first real opportunity to get into coaching. It has been an amazing experience and something I have always seen myself diong and will in all likelihood continue to do for the rest of my life.

I am presently the Assistant Baseball Coach at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis. Last year, I served as a volunteer coach. It is great being part of school taking a great deal of pride in their baseball program. The varsity team last year went 23-8 before losing in the State Semi Finals. We had a number of seniors graduate and some who will be playing collegiate ball. This year, the team will be returning our entire junior class. Our Junior Class is made of our 14 individuals. Needless to say, I am excited about the opportunity to work with this great group of individuals again.

This week, we had our annual Parent's Meeting and winter workouts will begin right after the Thanksgiving holiday. I am excited to be back!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Off Season Activity

After being eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs to the Angels, the off-season for the Boston Red Sox has gotten off to a very busy start with a flurry of activity of the past several days. To recap:

1. Traded for outfielder Jeremy Hermida (formerly of the Florida Marlins)
2. Declined option on SS Alex Gonzalez
3. Declined option on C Jason Varitek (TEK has a player option to come back)
4. Picked up option on C Victor Martinez
5. Resigned SP Tim Wakefield to a 2 year deal

Hermida is a former 1st round pick who at the early stages of the off-season looks to have the inside track on the Red Sox 4th outfield slot.

Gonzalez could resign but for smaller money then his $6 million option that was declined.

Varitek has the next few days to decide whether or not to exercise his player option at $3 million. If he elects to come back it will most certainly be as the back up catcher, but he is still someone whom would be great to have around for the pitching staff.

It will be a treat to see VMART hit all season with 1/2 his games at Fenway.

Finally, Wakes was resigned to a 2 year deal. Wakefield is 11 wins shy of 200 for his career.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cheering myself up after a New York Victory

Well baseball season has now come to a close. Like all of New England and I am sure most of the country I am disgusted by the fact that the Yankees winning their 27th World Championship. I mean they spent $423 million just last off-season to acquire 3 players on the free agent market and began this year with a payroll of over $200 million again. Despite being a fan of a big market team (Red Sox) it still amazes me in seeing the money being tossed around in New York.

In order to cheer at least myself up:

The Patriots went into the bye week with a 5-2, as Tom Brady as started rounding back into top form. Take a peak at his number and one will notice they are right their with all the other premier QB's in the NFL.

The Celtics have opended up the season with a 6-0 mark and the team has a great deal of depth to it this year. It is worth noting the depth of the current roster doesn't include that of "Big Baby" Davis who is out with an injury.

The Bruins will at least be competitive but are off to a disaapointing start.

We will have hockey at Fenway this winter!

Boston College & Boston University Hockey are always amongst the premier D1 programs.

The NCAA 1st & 2nd rounds are being held in Providence come March

last but not least.....Pitchers & Catcher's now report in 105 days
Interesting MLB Statistic:

12 teams (Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Red Sox, Tigers, Angels, Phillies, Astros, Dodgers, Marines, Braves, White Sox), all started 2009 season with payrolls greater than $96 million dollars

2 of those top 3 teamns where in National League Markets (Mets & Cubs). Yet at the start of the season no team was within at least $65 million dollars of the Evil Empire.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The beauty in the game of baseball is that one always has another opportunity at redemption. After the Phillies held on to beat the Yankees last night and force a Game 6 back in New York, that is exactly what the theme of Wenesday's game should be - REDEMPTION. Pedro Martinez has been the best pitcher many of us will ever have seen in our lifetime during his absolute prime of his career. He had a great deal of success versus the Yankees early on while playing with the Red Sox and despite his solid performance in Game 2 of this year's World Series, the Phillies find themselves training 3-2. Game 6, faces Martinez versus Petitte. What would be sweater then a Pedro Martinez victory against steriod user Andy Petitte back in the Bronx??

You can be sure I will be one of many rooting for Pedro to beat the Evil Empire one last night and make this World Series a 7 game event. And if then happens, we can then continue with the theme of REDEMPTION as Cole Hammels would take to the mound for Game 7.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Odds & Ends

I have been down here in Miami and Boca for work the past week but was able to schedule an off day and head up to Jupiter to see the World Wood Bat Association Championships. It is an impressive tournament!!! A player I coach at highschool for Brebeuf Jesuit Prep was playing with his summer team, so it was nice to have the opportunity to see a player I coach during the spring. Amazing tournament, tons of talent and if you ever get the opportunity please head to Jupiter to watch!!

I am excited about all that is coming up the next couple of months! I have a coaches clinic to attend at Butler University next week, just submitted my resume to the Indianapolis Indians for a position they have opening up and I am planning on the attending the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis from December 6-9.

And for those of you who didn't watch the baseball game last night, you missed a hell of a performance by Cliff Lee. The made the Yankees look foolish last night in his complete game victory and now to add a little bit of drama and flair to the World Series, Pedro Martinez gets the start in game #2 for the Phillies. As a diehard Red Sox fan, my heart is with Pedro and the Phils!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My work from a project blog in Grad School

Almost done with Graduate Work

It is exciting to see the end of the line. My graduate coursework is almost complete! This winter I have complete my Master's in Sports Leadership from Northeastern University's College of Professonial Studies. I am taking my last 2 courses right now and working on completing my graduate project.

In addition to this, I am also in the process of applying and looking for jobs in collegiate and professional baseball. I feel comfortable with how my resume has come along over the past couple of months and have actively been looking towards that "next step".

Even today, after some down time from work I was able to get together a few more emails and letters together. There are a couple of schools out there still looking for Graduate Assistants for baseball. Among them, Minot State and Valdosta State...

We will see what happens.....

This ALCS needs to end already. My Sox got swept by the Angels and then all of a sudden the Angels forgot they can play with the Yankees... What gives?? At least it will be execting to see Pedro pitch again for the Evil Empire.

Why I am blogging about baseball

My personal goal and career path is to work in baseball. I grew up in Southeastern, Massachusetts and like any New Englander my blood bleeds Boston Red. I have grown up to rooting for the Boston Red Sox and anyone who knows me well or for that matter that has even had the opportunity to interact with me knows I live and die with each pitch in a Red Sox game.

My Education:

Bachelor's Degree - Sports Management - Johnson & Wales University (2004)
Certificate - Baseball GM & Scouting - Sports Management Worldwide (2009)
Master's Degree - Sports Leadership - Northeastern University (Winter 2010)

I am currently coaching high schoool baseball in Indianpolis, IN. I serve as an Assistant Coach at Brebeuf Jesuit Prep. I am also an Assistant Coach for the Lafayette White Sox - a summer travel team.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, perspectives and opinions in hopes I am able to capture my dreams!