Saturday, February 13, 2010

Networking through Twitter

When I first out about twitter I was completely against it! Needless to say that has changed and changed quickly especially for individuals who are sports enthusiasts and people like myself who aspire to work in baseball.

Twitter has allowed for networking to happen almost instantly. Now some of those conversations are just through a 140 words, but some have developed to emails, to reviewing numerous blogs and websites to phone calls with others who are just as passionate about baseball as I am.

Because of this, I just wanted to share a thank you to those I've talked to in some length, be it twitter, email, phone, etc. I admire your passion for baseball and together we can all make our specific dreams a reality.


*Sports Management Worldwide
*Maury Brown of Biz in Baseball
*Adam Foster - Project Prospects
*Nate Birtwell - Advocare & NC State Baseball
*Frankie Piliere - Former Texas Ranger Scout & MLB Fanhouse
*Pentagon Sports Management
*Pro Star Management
*Will Carroll - Baseball Prospectus

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